Supplemental Products Delivery

Voluntary Program delivery is becoming vital to today’s broker/consultant benefit strategies.  It has equally become a big part of Agency Revenue growth objectives and modeling. However, with so many choices in the market today, entering this space and successfully delivering to clients due to intricacies is becoming more complex. 

As a recognized leader in the VB/Supplemental Product Space, let SYNOLO be your true turnkey resource to “best in class” programs and all of the work necessary to deliver the solutions to your client. Here are some of the items we can provide:

  • Access to every major and boutique Supplemental Carrier in the market.
  • Blanket U/W offers that will provide your client with easier access to better coverage.
  • Reduced Participation Requirements
  • Highest Compensation Schedules in the Industry.
  • Customized Market analysis for each client w/product & carrier recommendations.
  • Support the Presentation/Sales Process.
  • Customized enrollment and service recommendations supported by national enrollment capability (onsite, call center, or self-service), customized software, ongoing support with committed client service support, and MY SYNOLO portal.