Communications and Education

When Synolo is awarded the opportunity to communicate with an employee or member population directly, we have many ways to enhance the value of this education process.  Over the years, we have enlisted and contracted with the top tier of benefit counselors though-out the country.  Our nationwide database of these enrollment and benefits counselors is extensive and constantly monitored and reviewed.

Although voluntary and employee benefit programs are communicated far more effectively in a face-to-face enrollment setting, because of our “new normal,” this is not always possible and may be unsafe. With this in mind, we have developed strict protocols for maximum efficiency, security, and safety online with our virtual call center and self-enroll/assist-enroll technologies.

We provide the following concepts for a successful enrollment and education campaign:

  • Production & Communication of Benefit Statements (Enhance Retention/Recruitment).
  • Re-educate or lead communication of Wellness Initiatives.
  • Employee Polling.
  • In-House Benefit Administrative Software Solutions or communication assistance within the current client software platform
  • Videos or Portal Links to information.
  • Carrier Value Added Products for Positive Enrollment Process.
  • MY SYNOLO Portal for Employees, Human Resources, Payroll & Broker Partners